Simply White Life Custom Furniture Portfolio

Simply White Life manufactures custom furniture designed to your specifications.  Designing your own custom piece couldn't be easier.

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  • Armories


    French armories offers the warmth and character of authentic vintage style.  This antique style armories delivers living rooms, dining rooms…

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  • Bathrooms


    Simply White Life bathroom furniture features good looks, functionality, beauty, and comfort. Attention to details and the use of high-quality…

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  • Bedrooms


    The bedroom is the most important room in the home. It is important that it be a restful, inspiring, and…

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  • cottage-3

    Cottage Life

    Cottage homes are perfect for those who live in town and need a rest away from the chaotic routine of…

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  • Dining room

    Dining room

    The creation of Dining room and Kitchen products that are incomparable, and yet recognizable in the unique way, they drew…

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  • !cid_31F4A49E-459A-4C05-BEFB-9C2BB056436C


    Simply White Life Interiors offers a great selection of headboards that can be made to any specification. Headboards are a…

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  • Home Entertainment

    Home Entertainment

    Simply White Life believes that this amazing space we all share can be one of the most important and cherished…

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  • Home Office

    Home Office

    What do you look for when you're looking for a desk? Style? Comfort? Specious storage areas? Our french solid wood…

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  • Kids


    As a mom with 3 small kids, Keren Milman has a special love and touch for these beautiful small people…

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    Our kitchen renovations are one-of-a-kind, complete with custom cabinetry that maximizes the space, layout and style of the kitchen. The…

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  • Living / Family room

    Living / Family room

    All homes share common elements but it is the details that make each room unique. Simply White Life custom furniture…

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  • !cid_615370F9-6578-4F55-B78C-D9A133D75C4F


    Mirrors have become an important and useful addition when decorating a home or business. They offer a stunning center piece…

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