Living / Family room

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All homes share common elements but it is the details that make each room unique. Simply White Life custom furniture - designed and built to endure. Defined by their unparalleled quality, our sofas and chairs are bench made by master craftsman using time-honored techniques and only the finest materials. Built to endure, these future heirlooms promise years of comfortable seating. All of our upholstered collections are available with either a standard poly-fill or a down feather blend fill for the ultimate in comfort and support. All fabric options are performance finished for stain and fade resistance as well as superior wear and durability.
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Simply White Life believe that the right living room space draws people in and makes them feel welcome, relaxed, and secure. Simply White Life design your living room with our french style pieces , armchair and sofa, to create a sense of flow and balance. Our team will work with you to have your touch. We believe objects in a living room should express who you are. The main piece of furniture In a living room is usually the couch. We design solid wood pieces custom made just for you.

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