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Make your mirror a statement piece in a room

Whether you are looking for a floor-standing mirror to prop against a wall or a dressing mirror on its stand to tilt into position, be sure it reveals your best angle! A glamorous and ornate gold gilt French mirror in a bedroom, a traditional large, carved, French style mirror in a dressing room, or a…
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Tips on Feng Shui colors and symbols

Feng shui is the art of equilibrium and stability. It is a method through which one can bring stability to their lives. Feng shui uses a combination of symbols, structure, and color to bring all the necessary adjustment in a person's life. It is the belief that certain structures and items can actually build harmony…
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Why her home office is Keren Milman’s favourite room

After serving in the Israeli army, Keren Milman, a Haifa native who divides her time between Tel Aviv and Toronto, travelled to Japan to study as a multidisciplinary artist. Her metier is wood, which she uses for furniture pieces sold in Israel, Europe and now Canada through her home-renovation and interior-design company, Simply White Design.…
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