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We believe Simply White Life is one of the most luxurious brands in the custom home french furnishing marketplace. We believe our brand stands alone and is redefining the custom furniture market

We at Simply White Life see things differently when it comes to custom furniture. Function and style don't have to be mutually exclusive. Custom made furniture can be affordable. Materials can be light as well as solid. We believe these contrasts complement each other and create something beautiful. Whatever you need from your furniture, we'll take your ideas and make your design a reality.

To book a complimentary design consultation, call us at 647.471.0931 and we will schedule a showroom visit with our designer.

our history

Founded in 1998, Simply White Life designs and manufactures high quality, sophisticated furniture and accessories to provide a complete look for the home. The designers at Simply White Life are passionate about creating timeless designs.

The designers at Simply White Life are passionate about creating timeless designs. They are inspired by everything from items in their own homes to antiques they have seen at showrooms around Europe. These inspirations are combined with the intention to create pieces which are part of people's lives. The result is what we call a contemporary vintage collection: it connects the past to the present.

Simply White Life's collections are influenced by 18th and 19th century French, Italian, and Swedish antiques. With her handmade finishes and beautiful colors and textures, Keren Milman, CEO of Simply White Life, designs are a result of over 18 years of experience as an interior designer and over 10 years in furniture design. Keren's collection is all about balance and harmony and a life style concept of beauty and simplicity.

"I wanted to surround myself with things that are precious to me and which I find beautiful . A piece of furniture must be comfortable".

That is how Keren describes her ultimate feeling of home. It's important for furniture to be durable , that it is long lasting not only in terms of quality, but also in terms of style. A large portion of our collection has a finish that is white, grey, brown tinted, and black. In that way, we stand for timelessness

Why choose us

Simply White Life is a luxury brand in the custom home furnishing marketplace offering solid wood handmade furniture, indoor and outdoor, as well as baby and child products.

Founded in 1998, Simply White Life designs and manufactures high quality, sophisticated furniture and accessories to provide a complete look for the home. The designers at Simply White Life are passionate about creating timeless designs.

Simply White Life operates an integrated business with multiple interior designers and galleries. We serve as a curator of the finest historical design the world has to offer. Our collection of timeless, updated classics and authentic reproductions provide a unique point of view and an unmatched combination of inspire design, high quality solid wood custom furniture.


Simply White Life is a leading manufacturer of fine solid wood French style custom furniture and interiors.


Our business concept is to provide furnishing solutions, distinguished by feeling and ambiance, for the discerning customers.


We produce fully customized solutions based on each of our customer's needs.


All of our furniture is made entirely with great respect for the environment.

I've created this website to share my love of architecture and design, and to pay homage to those artisans who cared, craved and made things by hand. Before industrialization and mass production in this frenetic world we live in, it seemed as if machines were taking over. I've always admired originality in any form and there are certain artists whose personae inform their work and make it immediately recognizable. This is why my love for antique furniture; they use to have so much thinking in to it. And today I try to bring some of this amazing art and love for details to my clients. Those talented artists who have left us works that have stood the test of time and thanks to you, today's artisans can carry on that tradition - My Passion for design, Barbara Streisand

Keren Milman, president of Simply White Life

The look of the Simply White Life Toronto french furniture collection can best be described as classical and robust. Whether you want to decorate a stately manor or an uber-hip hotel, Simply White Life Furniture suits every style. When we are designing new pieces, we use old classical furniture and objects as our starting point. Keren Milman says "the shape of an old canvas chest with copper nails can inspire us to produce a streamlined coffee table". Both decorator and president Keren Milman and company owner Shafrir Milman wood works enjoy rummaging about every possible antique market in search of ideas; they visit auction houses in London and Paris. During city breaks, the Milman's visit as many furniture shops and inspiring hotels as possible. What's nice about traveling is that as you wander about, you realize that inspiration is everywhere.

From inspiration to innovation

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